About Us

smileparadise.org is a platform that aims to bring patients and dentists together with the awareness of social responsibility. smileparadise.org is not a healthcare provider! Patients can ask dentists about treatments and request an appointment and read articles on dental health. Dentists can publish informative articles on dental health, answer questions from patients and accept appointment requests. Patients and dentists are responsible for the content they publish, smileparadise.org does not bear any responsibility. smileparadise.org provides the first communication between patient and dentist. smileparadise.org have no commitment or responsibility for among patient and dentist ongoing communication, diagnosis and treatment process. smileparadise.org shares the information provided by the patient (with prior notice) with the dentist with whom it wants to communicate, and observes data confidentiality in data saving and transfer. To have a dentist profile on smileparadise.org, please contact us on the Contact page.

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